The Perfect Option For Shipping Larger Items

National Print and Mail and the USPS have teamed up to provide a new and exciting solution for businesses that are serious about shipping: parcel presorting.

So what is a parcel exactly? If your mail piece isn’t a postcard, letter or a flat (large envelope), then it’s a parcel. Many local Michigan businesses have chosen to utilize our cost-effective and efficient parcel presorting services because they want to save money on shipping these large items in bulk. If you are not utilizing parcel presorting in your logistics flow for your business, then you are most likely paying too much for shipping.

When it comes to parcel packages, the USPS gives discounts to businesses that ship in large volumes. Because of our unique partnership with the USPS combined with our comparative advantage of handling the large volumes of other business’s packages, we offer our partners the biggest discounts available. With this new solution available for businesses, we can cut your logistics costs dramatically and save your time by taking care of all of your other logistical tasks like processing and delivery to the USPS. We’ll even pick up your packages!

Key Advantages of Parcel Presorting:

  • Flexible, competitive pricing – Know that you are getting the best value for your dollar.
  • Seamless integration with your current business flow – No interruptions needed, we’ll take care of everything
  • 360 degree package tracking – Always stay up to date with the location of your packages.
  • Detailed reporting capabilities – Track the efficiency of your logistics
  • Excellent customer support – Michigan-based customer support from our experienced shipping experts

With over a decade of experience of working side-by-side with the USPS, rest assured that your packages are in great hands. Give us a call at 248-528-1500 or contact us today to learn more about parcel presorting!