Consolidate Your Mail To Maximize Postage Discounts

When it comes to mailing pre-paid, presorted or palletized mail, the USPS has cost-savings measures that businesses can take advantage of in order to save money. The closer the mail is dropped to its destination, the greater the discounts are. With drop-shipped mail, the savings can be remarkably greater due to the fact that most of the USPS infrastructure is bypassed. This results in significant reduction in time and mailing costs for businesses.

National Print and Mail processes an extremely large amount of standard mail on a daily basis. Since savings is increased when the volume of mail is increased, we can offer businesses the best rate possible for standard mail.

Combined with our daily pickups and exceptional service, accuracy, speed and security, our standard drop mail drop ship program is a popular choice for businesses.

Want to see exactly how much you can save with our standard mail drop ship program? Give us a call at 248-528-1500 or contact us today.